How to digital tools with someone: 3 case studies

When we turn projects digital, we face challenges. The 3 cases studies would help gaining perspective and offer ways & tips to overcome these problems, hopefully to lead to a balanced adoption of digital tools.

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Enhancing personal organization and developing actions through the use of digital tools is the golden dream as if the speed and the betterness was induced by the sole choice of using digital tools. Once you are digitalized, To-dos would be easier, quicker, cheaper...

However, it is quite often a challenge, even a failure sometimes. Assuming you detect a tool that is relevant to a situation, the tech level of people you are with impact its effectiveness. The custom and the general architecture of projects that the person generally uses are challenged at different stages. We’ll overview some problems and offer ways and perspectives to overcome them or reduce them as they rise.
This one-hour workshop will address the following points:
- Intro about the articulation of tools and humans in the completion of a project. We’ll overview some everyday tools and model the pros and cons according to some given situations.
- 1st case deals with maintaining autonomy and actions in a senior life.
- 2nd & 3rd case deal with entrepreneurs facing the challenge of turning digital their professional activities.
- Synthesis of the take aways in these experiences.
- Q&A time + Openings to the audience experiences if they want to share them.

Le 09 octobre 2020 de 12h00 à 13h00
Le Totem French Tech in the Alps - Grenoble
16, boulevard Maréchal Lyautey
38000 Grenoble
Caroline Walmsley
  • Anglais
  • Participants en fauteuil roulant
  • Handicap visuel
  • Handicap mental, cognitif et/ou psychique


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