Transfo #3 : Volunteer for Data for Good Grenoble!

We at Data for Good Grenoble are organising some events for the Transfo festival mid-march. One is titled ‘AI and Environment’ and we need some volunteers to contribute to its organisation. The idea for the event is to get people with data and tech skills in the same room as people who understand environmental problems in order to develop future projects that can aid environmental issues. The event will involve workshops to develop these project ideas and also some coding tutorials (aimed at non-expert-coders) looking at environmental data sets/algorithms. It will take place one evening between 13-19th March.

We are looking for those with experience/knowledge/passion of environmental issues and also those with data science/tech skills who are interested in using their skills to help environmental issues. It would be great to have as diverse team as possible!

Please get in touch with Brad if you are interested to be involved or have any questions.